Alex Varley On 18 - April - 2011

The Ready to Rumble crowd were treated to something extra special for the final by the event being moved to the main room of 53 Degrees.

This was definitely a refreshing experience for us metallers who are usually confined to the corner of small pubs. Needless to say each band took full advantage of their surroundings.

Openers March Grunged away like there was no tomorrow. Their songs seemed even more infectious then normal and it was without doubt that the band were enjoying themselves.

March had a powerful presence and the professionalism of the band was impressive. Being the first act on isn’t an easy job, but March made it seem like child’s play.

Next on were modern hardcore mob Beyond Betrayal. These nutters put every last drop of energy into their set, getting the crowd involved whenever possible.

It was great to see such an apocalyptic reaction from a local crowd and Beyond Betrayal certainly deserved it. Their no nonsense brand of metalcore won them over a fair few new fans by the end of their set.

Third on were four young pups known as Prairie Dogs. However, it would be a mistake to view them as naïve with a very thought out and entertaining take on modern rock.

The band appeared to have a wide range of influences and had an admirable amount of determination. By the end of Prairie Dogs set it was an almost impossible task to predict a winner.

Closing the final were local post hardcore group Population Four. Despite having a muddy mix, Population Four were a highlight.

The energy this band had was incomparable tonight and they somehow eclipsed all previous crowd reactions. After the band came off, a continuous chant of ‘Pop 4’ circled the venue, which showed just how far they’ve come.

Anticipation was now overwhelming as to who had won the final. Before the results announced, Preston was in for a final treat as the explosive Exit State played a short but blistering set.

Population Four were crowned kings of an event which helped re-unite the local music scene.

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